the future is yellow

You will bring sunshine into someone’s life

I actually got that fortune several days ago. I’m not sure I accomplished this. However, I managed to get considerably inebriated Friday evening, so perhaps I did so then, and am just not aware of that. More than a couple of drinks is a rarity these days for me, but sometimes it is necessary for one’s mental health, if not physical health.

Focus in on the color yellow tomorrow for good luck!

Hmmm. I just got that fortune. Perhaps the oddest one I’ve ever recieved in a cookie (I’ve received much odder fortunes from palm and tarot card readers). Usually they’re not that specific.

Damn, I’m pretty sure that I don’t own one article of clothing that is yellow. Wait — I do have a pair of “Impeach Bush” cycling socks with holes in the toes. Seems kind of a little late to be wearing those now, though, for luck or not.

P.S. Hi Ionna. I’m glad you were impressed with my mad legal-writing skills. You don’t work as a reporter/journalist for very long without seeing your fair-share of legal documents–and a few personal subpoenas and cease-and-desist, you-bad-reporter-you type letters, of course.