Walking in the Woods

 And Minding the Mushrooms

So the last post was … what, March? Well. … I have been busy working on my book, albeit with one hand, which means slow typing. The good news is, about three weeks ago, I started typing with two hands. Yes, two. Count ’em, two hands.


Don’t get me wrong; it isn’t like I’m suddenly back to normal. There are errors galore, I type at a mere fraction of the speed I used to and my arm gets tired after awhile. Still, there is progress: the other day I did 1,000 words or so in about three hours (with breaks and whatnot). I remember when it used to take much longer with one hand typing, so once again, huzzah.

Why now? Well my right arm is slowly but consistently getting stronger; about once a month I would test it. This time, about three weeks ago, I figured it could hang with the two armed typing and away I went.

Then there is a new — as opposed to old, heh — over-use injury to my peroneal tendons in my right foot. That meant some time off from the gym; when I finally got to where I could walk without a limp and started taking long walks, I thought I should take along my new camera gear and make some pretty pictures, which is why I’m here: to post a few of thede said pictures,

Don’t worry; I’ve got that old box sitting right here; I’ll get to it one of there days.

In the meantime, I’ve posted a new album on Flickr and my photo blog; I’ve got a few outtakes and whatnot to post here.

First off, at the north end of Burnet Woods, where I took my camera for a stroll, I encountered this character:

shroom head

At first I thought there something pornographic about his/her/its nose — i.e., he had a dick nose. You know, a dick where his nose should be — or a nose shaped like a dick, at any rate. But no, upon further reflection — and figuring out what it said underneath, I figured it must be a ‘shroom, as in a mushroom-shaped nose.

Am I reading too much into this?

Then, all the way at the south end of the woods, above a little platform at the end of the lake, I encountered said artiste once again.

shroom head too

Then on the way back home I encountered this warning:

watch out: shrooms

Is that to watch out for ‘shrooms, if the sign is any indication? Or is it to watch out for the log itself, which is laying across my path? In any event, the last time I had any ‘shrooms, Bush the Elder was president, so I think it’s best to let sleeping dogs — or ‘shrooms — lie and be on my merry way.

And last but not least, here is what apparently is a sex log.

sex log?

Well then.