Upgrading WordPress …

If it looks wonky, this is probably why. Wish me luck. … *crosses fingers*

Update: Woot!  Got the WP software updated with no probs. Now tinkering with a new theme …

Update: 2; late 11/12: Cool theme huh? Props to this young Dutchman and his WordPress Theme generator. Those of us too lazy to take the time write their own code thank you.

Hey, I’ve got news and fiction to write (no, they’re not one and the same, thank you very much, unless you mean Fox News, then yes, it is), and photos to take and edit. Not to mention the fact that I have to tinker with [tag]HTML[/tag] and whatnot during working hours. If I wanted to spend all my time [tag]coding[/tag] HTML I would have listend to my father and majored in computer science, after all.  So yeah, Yvo and the [tag]WordPress[/tag] theme generator rule.

Update 3: 11/13: Johnny O! Can you see this?

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  1. Yep, i see it. Everything seems to be in proper working order. I checked; the photos came up much faster on my connection here at home.

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