Um … yeah … Yeah!

First off, I’m doing much better emotionally, as I have said, and that continues — thanks everyone; you know who you are 🙂

And now that I have some time on my hands as I ponder the future, I decided that I needed to indulge my creativity; my muse has been restless, as is her wont, when life hands me a big, steaming, pile of diversity in a flaming bag on my porch. To that end, I decided my friends John and Hilly, collectively known as Yeah!, needed a new flier for their DJ gigs. The whole He-Man thing is just played out. Although the disco font is still cool (always good to kick it old school). So, here’s a work in progress:

Yeah Flyer WIP

The model is actually a [tag]3D rendering[/tag] done in [tag]Daz Studio[/tag] with post processing done in ye olde Photoshoppe CS2 — the lettering, the blue lipstick and eye shadow and the matching background. There’s a few problems with her that call for another render; her lacrimal (that little bit of red goo in the corner of your eye, next to the top of your nose) is screwed up, for one thing. And the lighting needs to be tweaked; her shoulders are dark but highlights in her hair are blown out.

All in all though, pretty pleased with this, considering that it is just something I cooked up off the top of my head last night before actually walking down to Yeah!. You can see more (and now the finished flier) in high rez glory, at Flickr.

UPDATE: Booyah! Here’s a shot of the finished render/model image from the flier … proper lighting ftw.

Yeah! Girl