No … say it ain’t so, Tycho!

I can’t believe it. … [tag]Gabe[/tag] and [tag]Tycho[/tag]? Roll [tag]Alliance[/tag]? Say it ain’t so.

Okay, I’ll come clean–the first World of Warcrack (nee [tag]Warcraft[/tag]) tune of mine to hit the level cap was Alliance, but I soon saw the light, and today regularly patrol [tag]Hillsbrad Foothills[/tag] showing Alliance gankers what for (Hoyden is coming for you). And yes, I know it’s silly to care, and doesn’t make any difference (I still play my Ally pally every now and then).

But still, [tag]Horde[/tag] is cooler. Undead … giant cows that walk upright … blue-skinned trolls … ’nuff said (notice I didn’t mention Blood Elfs–but I have a BE pally twink, I admit). What do the Alliance have? Well, I’ll admit the Dwarves and the female Draenai are pretty cool.

Again, it’s silly, but I’m surprised and kinda dissapointed that TB and Gabe roll Alliance. It’s like finding out that someone you like is a registered  Republican … or a Democrat for that matter. I kid of course; I’m a registered independent. So don’t get me started.