You know you’re in SoCal when …

Had to jet out to Santa Ana, California this week for bidnezz – the heart of the OC ([tag]Orange County[/tag]). While staying in your standard bidnezz-traveler hotel, I had a classic “you know you’re in [tag]Southern California[/tag] when” moment. Upon arrival, I flicked open the hotel directory in my room to see if room service was still operating at that late hour; I was in dire need of sparkling mineral water to recover from my flight. Flying always seems to dehydrate me; those HEPA filters used on planes must suck the humidity out of the air or something.

Anyway, the directory opened at random to the area church listings (a fact that is interesting in and of itself; seems that is the most-thumbed section of the directory). Among the listings were the local Church of [tag]Scientology[/tag] branch, the [tag]Zen[/tag] Center for Orange County and something called the Crystal Cathedral. Now I’m not knocking any of these religions, merely pointing out that if you stayed in a Doubletree hotel in, lets say, Ohio (where I’m from and after many years have returned to reside for awhile), I doubt there would be a local Scientology branch or a Zen [tag]Buddhism[/tag] center listed in the directory—much less anything having to do with crystals.

I’m just sayin’.

I doubt whether you would find that particular combination of religions listed in a hotel directory anywhere in the united States except [tag]SoCal[/tag], with the possible exceptions of NYC or San Francisco/NorCal, perhaps.

One more non-business related observation about the trip (speaking of things you won’t find in the MidWest): Maine lobster [tag]enchiladas[/tag] totally, completely kick ass.