There Once Was a Kid Named Jeff

So back about … oh, I don’t know, some years ago, I guess — after Mom died but still sometime before Dad died (obviously) — he, Dad, handed me a a large box. In it was a mess of photos and a bunch of school papers dating back to kinder garden. I took the box, brought it home and there it sat in my closet for some years, gathering dust.

Until now.

A very wee little Jeff

This was taken a day or so after I was born, back at the end of 1968. Before I went home, even.

Let Jeff eat cake

Then there is me — not sure if the birthday cake says 12 or 13 — stuffing me face. Acne hadn’t kicked in yet, and my hair is still long, so it has to be 12 or so. Man, that is a big-ass piece of cake.

This is a scan, by the way — they all are, or will be — so there is lots of scratches and whatnot, most of which I can’t be arsed to fix.

All I want is your photograph

Here’s an old-school selfie taken in what is most likely my junior year of high school — 1985 or ’86. Note the solarization; I had taken it to use up a roll of film and solarized the image just for the hell of it.

Hung up on my mirror for years until Mom and Dad packed up and moved to Tennessee; hadn’t thought about in years until I pulled out that box. And yes, that Def Leppard t-shirt was worn proudly and unironically, thank you very much. \m/

And now here is a cow, just ‘cuz:

a cow

Not actually shot by me but by the Alpena News photographer — whose name, unfortunately I’ve long forgotten — sometime in 1990 or 1991.

That’s all for now. But there is plenty more where those came from.