The Gecko’s Bark is Coming …

stick figure leaning on a shovel drinking coffee ... Okay, been busy redesigning the website using Artisteer. Actually had this idea in mind for sometime, but just now getting around to implementing it. Not a radical departure from the current design, but definitely a bit different, and something a little more in tune with my current location here in Southeast Asia.

If you are reading this, and it’s the most recent post, I’ve already uploaded the new theme, but may be in the process of tweaking it, now that I can see how it looks applied to the site. In the meantime, feel free to enjoy the following “under construction” gifs, and I apologize for all the dust and noise.

As you can see if you click through to the rest of the post below, the first gif is a family-friendly Simpsons gif. The second is a ridiculously sexist one. And yes, by acknowledging that it is sexist, that *does* make it okay to hypocritically post it here for your perverted enjoyment.

Homer's on the job.

ridiculously sexist under construction gif

P.S. I’m assuming that Matt Groening and some incarnation of Fox Studios hold the copyright on the Simpsons. I have no idea who created/has the rights to the under construction girl. Same for the little animated gif at the top.

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