The Birds, Part Deaux

Just looking over the last post …

There is no better salve for a restless soul than the open road and singing at the top of one’s lungs to [tag]Social Distortion[/tag].

That’s good stuff. Too bad it was tempered by idiots on the super highways and the economic meltdown (I love the [tag]BBC[/tag], but it got a wee bit carried away with the doomsday proclamations). Anyway, so I was in [tag]Savannah[/tag], GA last week for business. No, I didn’t meet Chardonnay or any of the other real-life characters in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, but I did see the house. I also managed to find time to take a few shots. My primary photographic goal was to capture the moon coming up over the Atlantic Ocean. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the most spectacular of [tag]moon[/tag] rises (the night that would have made a most kick-ass picture — clouds and lighting on the horizon, with the moon ducking in and out — I was sitting through boring presenations. Plus, the night I did shoot, while I had a tripod out, and was using the timer, I still had camera shake in many shots, thanks to the wind. Having camped on the beach numerous times, I should have thought of this, but alas, I did not … live and learn, I suppose.

I did manage to get some half-way acceptable shots of the [tag]sunrise[/tag], despite the fact that it was so hot and humid my lenses fogged the second I emerged from the car. But in a not uncommon occurrence (for me, at any rate), the best photos of the trip were the ones I took just screwing around, in this case waiting for the moon to come up … I really like these two below.

Watch Your Back

Lone Gull

Not much tweaking in [tag]Photoshop[/tag] on these two, although in the one with the solitary gull, I did add a slight diffuse glow filter, just cuz I dig the way it looks on backgrounds and subjects with little color (clouds, water, and whatnot). I also tweaked the color contrast a bit to bring out the sand a bit more. The other one is pretty much straight-out camera raw; I just cropped it a bit better and added a slight overlay (10 percent, if memory serves) to make the highlights pop out a bit more.

The rest are over at Flickr.