A Remarkable Transition …

The Gecko’s Bark Comes Home

Hey all, long time no see.

I ended up crossing the globe again to teach English for a while; now I’m back. One of the things I wanted to do now that I am was bring this thing back under the fold of jeffchappell.com, for what it is worth. I remember back in the day when switching domains and copying and moving the data was a monumental task of near herculean proportions; now it was a few hours of easiness while I drank decaf cappuccinos in my local.

The only snag was moving my images and that was quickly remedied; I don’t even think I cursed or took anyone’s name in vain. This morning I already found spam sent to blog.jeffchappell.com, and it hasn’t even been 24 hours.


So I Missed a (Photo a) Day

But I Have a Good Excuse Jeff Chappell's very own photography portfolio site. Huzzah.

I missed posting a photo yesterday because this. I was hard at work all afternoon refining this new subdomain of Jeff Chappell dotcom where I’m housing my photography portfolio (and eventually some related galleries). There’s still some nuts and bolts to tighten and whatnot, but all in all, it’s coming along nicely.

So that’s my excuse, anyway. By the time I thought of posting a photo for my Photo a Day project, it was too late and I couldn’t look at the computer anymore.

I could have cheated and post-dated an entry; it’s not like anyone would haven noticed, since the only time someone comes here, according to The Google, is because they searched for the terms “bat shit or “dumb ass,” or came looking for an under construction gif. But then until recently, I think I averaged updating this here blog about once every few months; one reaps what one sows.

… And This Web Design’s for Marie Eve

The Gecko's Bark web design redesign yet again, one more time, etc. and so forth.
The work in progress.

Well, here it is, yet another new web design for ye olde Gecko’s Bark.

Il est fabuleux, oui? Oui, c’est vrai.

The only thing I don’t like about this theme, and I’m not sure how I can get around this, is that in the event of a short post, such as this one, the footer remains at the bottom; it’s position is tied to the sidebar, as you can see.

I’m going to have to tinker under the code hood, and see if I can make it dependent on the post position.  Maybe I’ll add some kind of image to the background so it shows up only when there is a short post, eh? A GeckosBark.com Easter egg, as it were.

So whaddya think? I decided I didn’t dig the brown background (outside of the content areas), and went back to black. But this light green background and dark brown text is growing on me. …

And on the off chance that someone else reads this and wonders wtf? My friend Marie Eve informed me recently that the previous light green (almost white) text on a black background was quite impossible for her to read. I, on the other hand, find it easier when it comes to LCDs and websites, to read white text on a black background.

But then my tastes and opinions tend to run contrary to the rest of the world, and I tend to trust a friend’s judgments in these matters. Another example is clothes. Ninety-five percent of the time, I don’t care about clothes, and don’t really care what others think. But when I go to buy a suit, for the rare occasion I need to wear one, I make sure a woman is involved in the purchase as a consultant; left to my own devices I might choose something that makes me look like an ass. And usually on the occasion of wearing a suit is one of the also-rare times when I actually give a tinker’s damn about someone else’s perception of me.

So, when my friend Marie Eve expressed this opinion — she declared the site unreadable for her, in fact — I decided to see if we could arrive at something that she found acceptable in terms of her visual tastes and sense of readability, and my own artistic vision — such as it is. I trust women’s judgment when it comes to things like this, as I say. Especially since it was just a matter of making changes to the CSS file.

What you see here, this lovely dark text on a light green background — had to stick with the gecko color scheme — is (possibly) the end result.

P.S. Dammit, just now realized I forgot to fix the link in the new CSS file for the background image. The geckos were missing from the Gecko’s Bark. Christ in a Chrysler. It’s not launching the space shuttle, but there are a bezillion details to maintaining a website.

Renovation: Pardon the Dust

Jeff Chappell renovates the Gecko's Bark yet again.Yes, it hasn’t been that long ago since the Gecko’s Bark got a major thematic upgrade, and yet here we go again with some further renovations. Not a change in terms of the “feel” of the theme, but a big departure in terms of layout and navigation — plus some Web 2.0 bells and whistles.

Yes, the Gecko’s Bark will finally enter an age of modernity.

So if you happen to  visit and things look a little different and perhaps odd/wonky, that’s why.

If you’re curious about what’s going on behind the scenes here at Barking Gecko Studios®, I’ve invested in a professional set of themes, and modified it to suit the Gecko’s Bark. What you are (hopefully) looking at is the PureType theme from ElegantThemes, used with a child theme in which I modified the CSS to a considerable extent, as well as the odd theme-related php file.

I wanted a modern yet relatively simple theme, and didn’t feel like investing in the time it would take me — not being an actual coder by trade — to develop what I wanted from scratch, especially since it was already out there. Why re-invent the wheel?  I’m currently in the midst of developing what will hopefully become a network of monetized websites (a geek can dream), so investing in ElegantThemes seemed like a good course of action. So far, so good.

P.S. Sorry if you landed here looking for info on actual physical renovation, as opposed to cyber renovation.

The Gecko’s Bark is Coming …

stick figure leaning on a shovel drinking coffee ... Okay, been busy redesigning the website using Artisteer. Actually had this idea in mind for sometime, but just now getting around to implementing it. Not a radical departure from the current design, but definitely a bit different, and something a little more in tune with my current location here in Southeast Asia.

If you are reading this, and it’s the most recent post, I’ve already uploaded the new theme, but may be in the process of tweaking it, now that I can see how it looks applied to the site. In the meantime, feel free to enjoy the following “under construction” gifs, and I apologize for all the dust and noise.

As you can see if you click through to the rest of the post below, the first gif is a family-friendly Simpsons gif. The second is a ridiculously sexist one. And yes, by acknowledging that it is sexist, that *does* make it okay to hypocritically post it here for your perverted enjoyment.

Homer's on the job.

ridiculously sexist under construction gif

P.S. I’m assuming that Matt Groening and some incarnation of Fox Studios hold the copyright on the Simpsons. I have no idea who created/has the rights to the under construction girl. Same for the little animated gif at the top.

Upgrading WordPress …

If it looks wonky, this is probably why. Wish me luck. … *crosses fingers*

Update: Woot!  Got the WP software updated with no probs. Now tinkering with a new theme …

Update: 2; late 11/12: Cool theme huh? Props to this young Dutchman and his WordPress Theme generator. Those of us too lazy to take the time write their own code thank you.

Hey, I’ve got news and fiction to write (no, they’re not one and the same, thank you very much, unless you mean Fox News, then yes, it is), and photos to take and edit. Not to mention the fact that I have to tinker with [tag]HTML[/tag] and whatnot during working hours. If I wanted to spend all my time [tag]coding[/tag] HTML I would have listend to my father and majored in computer science, after all.  So yeah, Yvo and the [tag]WordPress[/tag] theme generator rule.

Update 3: 11/13: Johnny O! Can you see this?

Why God? Why?


“Failed to write file to disk.”

Almost sounds like haiku:

Sorry, there has been
an error. Failed to write file
to disk. Epic fail …

Why God? Why? Why won’t you let me import my old WordPress entries? They’ve been exported into an xml format just for that very purpose.  The write directories are set to 777, but alas no. You have consigned me to blog hell.

/slit wrists