… And This Web Design’s for Marie Eve

The Gecko's Bark web design redesign yet again, one more time, etc. and so forth.
The work in progress.

Well, here it is, yet another new web design for ye olde Gecko’s Bark.

Il est fabuleux, oui? Oui, c’est vrai.

The only thing I don’t like about this theme, and I’m not sure how I can get around this, is that in the event of a short post, such as this one, the footer remains at the bottom; it’s position is tied to the sidebar, as you can see.

I’m going to have to tinker under the code hood, and see if I can make it dependent on the post position.  Maybe I’ll add some kind of image to the background so it shows up only when there is a short post, eh? A GeckosBark.com Easter egg, as it were.

So whaddya think? I decided I didn’t dig the brown background (outside of the content areas), and went back to black. But this light green background and dark brown text is growing on me. …

And on the off chance that someone else reads this and wonders wtf? My friend Marie Eve informed me recently that the previous light green (almost white) text on a black background was quite impossible for her to read. I, on the other hand, find it easier when it comes to LCDs and websites, to read white text on a black background.

But then my tastes and opinions tend to run contrary to the rest of the world, and I tend to trust a friend’s judgments in these matters. Another example is clothes. Ninety-five percent of the time, I don’t care about clothes, and don’t really care what others think. But when I go to buy a suit, for the rare occasion I need to wear one, I make sure a woman is involved in the purchase as a consultant; left to my own devices I might choose something that makes me look like an ass. And usually on the occasion of wearing a suit is one of the also-rare times when I actually give a tinker’s damn about someone else’s perception of me.

So, when my friend Marie Eve expressed this opinion — she declared the site unreadable for her, in fact — I decided to see if we could arrive at something that she found acceptable in terms of her visual tastes and sense of readability, and my own artistic vision — such as it is. I trust women’s judgment when it comes to things like this, as I say. Especially since it was just a matter of making changes to the CSS file.

What you see here, this lovely dark text on a light green background — had to stick with the gecko color scheme — is (possibly) the end result.

P.S. Dammit, just now realized I forgot to fix the link in the new CSS file for the background image. The geckos were missing from the Gecko’s Bark. Christ in a Chrysler. It’s not launching the space shuttle, but there are a bezillion details to maintaining a website.