Time Lapse Photos and Video in Photoshop CS6

Playing Around with Video Editing Capabilities in the Latest Version of Photoshop

Just wanted to play with 1) time lapse photo function in Camera Pro on my Nokia N8 and 2) Photoshop CS6’s native video editing capabilities. I’ve never futzed around with video much, either taking or editing. Now that I have not one but three cameras capable of video, and editing software and a machine that doesn’t take hours to render video, I might have to do more.

Bear in mind, this was just a series of photos taken with my phone while I sipped my doppio on a cloudy, not-quite-rainy afternoon. Nothing exciting, but I’ll let my little experiment stand in for the Photo a Day project.

Oh, this is on Beach Road in Pattaya, Thailand, taken from inside the Starbucks at the corner of Soi Yamato. This comprises 32 frames, or photos with each taken about 5 seconds apart. In real time that would be a little more than 2 and a half minutes.