Democracy In-action

Sitting here in the coffee shop on Halloween cleaning out my work e-mail inbox – I have real work to do, but I’ve barely been staying ahead of the dreaded Outlook “Your Inbox Has Reached Its Limit!” notices the past two weeks, and finally decided to take drastic action.

Anyway, this dude comes in as part of the local Trick or Vote campaign. All the tables in Sitwells, he goes up, talks to the cute Asian women sitting behind me, and don’t bother to canvass anyone else in the place. Nice, dude – it never occurred to me that this would be a good way to meet girls. You’ve got a free pass to walk up to all manner of women under the get-out-the-vote excuse.

But some get-out-the-voters are truly dedicated; my friend Io – whom you may spy in the photo feed to your right – came in later, and canvassed the whole place, including me. I shocked her by declaring my decision to vote green. And she had a lobster on her head. Those two facts are unrelated, by the way.

Happy Halloween

P.S. Before I forget: David Sedaris, please consume feces and parish. How can anyone possibly be undecided? Maybe because both mainstream candidates voted to abidge our civil rights by voting for the FISA bill – you are familiar with the FISA bill passed this summer, yes? And the fact that they both supported the federal bailout of the financial industry? Let me guess; you thought this was a good idea, perhaps? Like domestic spying on U.S. citizens with no judicial oversight? Not to mention the flip floppery of both candidates, including your precious chosen one, who broke his campaign promises before he even got the nomination?

The only clear decision is that you can bite me, along with Obama, McRage and their respective ilks. I still think your sister is awesome, though, if it’s any consolation.