Soi Dogs? What About Cafe Cats?

Cat: The Definition of Nonchalance

A cat takes a bath on a sidewalk cafe table in  Pattaya, Thailand

So I was strolling down Pattaya Tai to catch the mini-van back to Bangkok this morning for a meeting when I spied this lovely creature perched atop a cafe table cleaning herself. It was such a non sequitur, that I stopped, continued on, thought to myself  “How am I not photographing that cat?” and went back and busted out the N8.

Now most stray cats are a bit skittish around humans, unless they have been fed frequently by them. Soi cats in particular. This one though did not give a tinker’s damn in the least little bit that I was standing only a few feet away with my phone pointed in its general direction. It continued to clean itself and then settled down for a nap.

A cat naps on a sidewalk cafe table in  Pattaya, Thailand

Judging by the collar and its overall healthy appearance — not to mention its feline nonchalance — that it is well looked after. But then notice its tail, or lack thereof. It may very well be an adopted soi cat; usually a busted up or otherwise missing tail is a sure sign of stray critters here in Thailand.

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Soi Dogs? What of Soi Cats

Photo a Day: Window, Soi Cat and ATM

A soi cat relaxing on a window sill in Bangkok

While soi dogs are more visible, there are many stray cats around Thailand’s urban areas — so-called soi cats. I suppose the pooches are more visible than the kitties just because that’s the natures of the beasts, as it were.

And no, even though they are Siamese (if you please) cats in a very real sense, they don’t look Siamese, as it were. Somewhat ironic, that, I suppose.

Anyway, this cat is somewhat unusual — and makes me wonder if he or she actually has someone looking after it — as its tail is intact. Seeing a soi cat with a full-length, non-mangled tail is a rare thing., it seems, poor dears. This one does look rather healthy, too. But then soi cats generally seem to be a bit better off than the dogs, perhaps not relying so much on human food handouts.

Anyway, this kittie seemed nervous that some unknown homo sapien was suddenly paying attention to it, but managed to stay still long enough for me to get a shot (albeit with a somewhat soft focus).

Just going to take this opportunity to plug the various animal shelters/welfare organizations here. A notable one, SCAD, recently closed its doors for financial reasons, but maintains a list of other organizations; follow the link above.