Inaugural Photo A Day Entry

Sparing Myself 1,000 Words a Day with a Photo a Day

(To)Infinity (and Beyond) in Black and White: Jeff Chappell's Photo a DayOne of my goals for the New Year — I’m talking the Thai year, here, since that’s where I currently live — is to update my blogs more frequently. Particularly since I have some freelance writing work that will keep the bills paid (I hope) for the immediate time being.

I’ve toyed with the idea of doing a photo-a-day type of project for some time., having been influenced by all of the similar projects out there. The problem is, I tend to be a bit anal retentive a perfectionist, and when it comes to photography, I always want to make art, as pretentious as that sounds.

Of course I have to remind myself, art doesn’t mean laboring for hours over composition, technique and Photoshop. Many moving examples of the photo-a-day concept involve people who aren’t photographers, either by vocation or hobby, using simple point-and-shoot cameras.


Now with my Thai language studies underway for several months now and going well — although I flubbed my second set of tests — and some actual paying work underway, time to get back to image making.

Thus begins Jeff Chappell’s very own Photo A Day. I want to try and post photos for the next 365 days, photos that I take each day and posted that day. I’m not going to box myself into a corner and say that I will do that every day, but I will hold myself to the rule that I can’t post a photo I’ve ever posted before on the Teh Internets. That includes Facebook (which I no longer use), Flickr or anyplace else.

So let us begin. Here is a photo which will call (To)Infinity (and Beyond) in Black and White.

No dithering about making art. I was waiting for the Sky Train here in Bangkok yesterday afternoon and, with this project in mind, busted out the trusty Nokia N8 while standing on the platform. Post processing done in Photoshop, naturally — namely the black and white conversion and a diffuse glow filter.

Of course you should click on it to embiggen the image, if you wish.