It’s a Small World and it Smells Bad

So, I hopped in the car to drive to the polling place — not that I think my vote really means anything, to be cynically honest, since I didn’t vote for either mainstream presidential candidate, but there were some local and state issues I felt I should [tag]vote[/tag] on. Plus I didn’t want to give up my right to bitch for the next four years or until I establish permanent residence elsewhere (hopefully the latter will occur soonest).

So anyway, I get in the car, turn on the ignition, and what comes blaring out of the CD deck? The song Vision Thing, by Sisters of Mercy. A purely unintentional but nevertheless ironic coincidence. “Things are gonna change; I can feel it.”

And yes, for the record I voted my conscience, which is a shade of [tag]green[/tag] this year. Yes, I voted Green. Run, Cynthia, run. Aside from everything else that is wrong with these two and this [tag]election[/tag], above all else I still can’t believe that whichever wins the presidency, America will have voted in a president that voted in the Senate to abridge our civil rights, putting their stamp of approval on a system of domestic spying with no checks or balances. And they both supported the bailout, too … damn, I’ll be glad when my people come back for me and take me back to my home planet.