We Interrupt Sala Keoku for Soi Chaiyapoon

Or, as I Think of It, Chase Some Poon

I was looking at some other photographs I had taken from a trip to Thailand was I was still living in Viet Nam, and I came across from photos from a trip to Thailand right before I went back to Viet Nam in October of 2011.

When I lived in Thailand I had never made it to the infamous Pattaya. This trip I decided I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Thinking like Ford Prefect, I figured any place that had such a negative reputation would probably make for a fun visit. So I packed my towel and off I went.

Does it live up to it’s reputation? I think rather it’s reputation doesn’t live up to the reality.

Anyway, this is a shot from the balcony of my room on Soi Chaiyapoon. Naturally, given the um, adult nature of Pattaya, shall we say, observing the punters and the expats going about their tail chasing, I decided a more apt name would be Soi Chase Some Poon.

Since this is normally a PG rated blog, I’ll leave it up to you and Google, should you not get my clever, colorful and racy bon mot.

The aptly named Chaiyapoon, a colorful (in more ways than one) soi in Pattaya, Thailand.


Bangkok ‘Hood in HDR

HDR Makes Everything Ever So Much More So

I can’t believe I just quoted Homer Price. Anyway, previously Jeff Chappell’s Photo a Day, we got to see a glimpse of the Bangkok neighborhood. Here’s a slightly different view, taken at sunset from the same vantage point as that previous image, but taken in glorious, technicolor high dynamic range (HDR).

Jeff Chappell's Bangkok 'hood a la HDR: Photo a Day

Used my Canon G12 to take these images, incidentally, and did the HDR merging in Photoshop.