Photo a Day: Thai Gargoyle?

Is There Such a Thing as a Thai Gargoyle?

The Thai equivalent (presumably) of a western gargoyle, perched on a Bangkok building.

Various combinations of those terms put to Google have proved a fruitless search, so I have no idea. I would presume, however, that these sorts of things one sees on Thai buildings serve the same sort of similar function as that of the gargoyles one finds on older buildings in Europe?

I’ve been meaning to ask my Thai friends and colleagues about this, but I never think about it, except when I happen to see one. I’ve tried to decipher the script at the bottom, but it’s such a stylized font that I found it too difficult to read with my nascent language skill.

Anyway, I snapped this photo with my phone a while ago, but it’s one I see at least a few times a week. My Thai language school is located literally right outside of the Phloen Chit BTS Skytrain station. Every time I take the escalator up to the platform, I go past this guy keeping watch over the building next to the one my school resides in. There is also an archer, but unfortunately his photo turned out too blurry to post.

If you click the above photo and look at it full size, you’ll see that it’s not as sharp as it could be — but still pretty impressive when you factor in that I was moving (up the escalator) when I took it. Once again the N8 comes through.