Soi Dogs: 7-11 Edition

Soi Dogs Love Their 7-11 Stores in Thailand

Yet another soi dog outside one of my local 7-11's in my Bangkok 'hood

Yet another pooch outside one of my local 7-11’s in my Bangkok neighborhood. This one likes to snooze directly in front of the door, and everyone just walks around him and lets him be. Or her; not sure.

When I lived in Suphanburi there used to be this big fat rascal that hung out at the 7-11 on the main drag into town from the south; it was just a few blocks form my apartment. Anyway, she liked to actually barge her way in and then shove herself in a little cubby hole where the compressor was for the for ice cream freezer next to the door.

This tended to be a bit much even for the laid-back Thais that worked there, and they would try and drag her out, but there was no room to even get a skinny adolescent Thai girl’s wee arm in there to fish out the pooch, so they usually gave up after a few minutes. Every time I went in there, if I didn’t see the dog, I would look at the glass next to the door to see if I could see her canine butt mooshed up against the other side of the pane.

Always planned to get a picture of that dog; never did though.