Blue Pill, Slight Return

So a freind asked the other day if I could live with the revised [tag] bailout[/tag]. The “sweeteners,” as the press has dubbed the new provisions that the Senate is using to goad the House into approving it are an improvement, but it’s basically lipstick on a pig — *cough *cough — Sarah Palin — *cough *cough.

And on the other hand, it’s even worse — as it puts the government even more in debt. It’s not even borrowing Peter to pay Paul; it’s asking permission to get more in debt (with tax cuts) to buy debt. And this makes sense how? I’m still pig-biting mad.

But all is right with the world — even as it burns — because The Fabulous Stains has been reissued on DVD by Rhino. Hellz yeah!

I loved [tag]The Fabulous Stains[/tag] when I first saw it as a kid; the USA cable station used to run it about every three hours, I think, back in the mid ’80s. I’ll be curious to see if it has stood the test of time and is as cool as it was to the angry-young-man teenager that I was in the process of becoming in the craptacular [tag]1980s[/tag] (as opposed to the angry-middle-aged-man I am today). OK, there were a few good things to come out of the 80s — the Cure’s best albums, Joy Division, death metal, Siouxsie, personal computers, this movie — but not much.

P.S. Turns out there’s some serious pork in the bailout bill. Not like it’s a surprise, but geez. Just when you thought Congress couldn’t get any more pathetic than it already is. …