Had all streptococci’s proteins been lives, my revenge had stomach for them all!

As I type this a molecular compound of C38H72N2O12.2H2O is coursing through my tissues, doing battle with bacteriological invaders. My champion [tag]Azythromycin[/tag] knights, of the house of Erythromycin, is even now coming to the aid of my beleaguered [tag]phagocytes[/tag] and [tag]lymphocytes[/tag] within my body, binding themselves to the [tag]ribosomes[/tag] of the nefarious [tag]streptococci[/tag], destroying their ability to synthesize the dread proteins they require to complete their assault. The enemy may have breached the gates, but my chemical reinforcements have arrived upon the cellular battlefield to lay waste to the invading streptococci.

Or not.

After a long wait at the clinic I finally got to see a doctor yesterday. This is not something you want your attending physician to say upon looking down your throat: “Ew. Your throat looks evil, my friend.” That is a direct quote. So much for bedside manner. He surmised that despite the pus spots all over my inflamed throat and tongue that my infection was most likely viral, as I had no swollen lymph nodes and no fever. But he nevertheless put me on the aforementioned azythromycin, a broad spectrum antibiotic, and didn’t bother to get a throat culture – I would get better one way or the other, he observed. I must admit, this kind of bugged me; I guess I lived in California too long.

Out on the west coast, for whatever reason, doctors seem to be much more sensitive to the issue of [tag]drug resistance[/tag]. Blood work is a matter of course before they will prescribe [tag]antibiotic[/tag]; doctors out there are really reluctant to prescribe one until they know for sure that the problem is bacteriological in nature. In fact, my many fellow Midwesterners living out there used to complain about this. The only exception to this that I ever heard of happened with myself; two years ago I came down with strep – had the high fever and the whole nine yards, and my doctor suggested I go ahead and start on antibiotics before the lab result came back, which was positive for strep anyway.

I really would prefer to know for sure that I had strep, rather than taking this antibiotic if I don’t have too, but then having said that, I have to admit, my throat is considerably less sore today. From what I’ve read this drug acts quickly, but I can’t help but wonder if its perhaps all in mind – which is perfectly fine with me. Placebo effect or not – whatever, as long as this comes to and end.