Stinky Photo a Day: Durian Edition

They Call it the Big Mango …

…. I guess because Ho Chi Minh City, nee Sai Gon, is already affectionately known among expats as the Big Durian. Actually I’m guessing the Big Mango moniker for Bangkok came first. Anyway, the beauty of living in this part of the world is that fresh fruit is available everywhere, and at a fraction of the cost of what one pays in the Western world.

Here for example, is a durian vendor underneath an overpass on the west end of Sukhumvit in downtown Bangkok.

A street vendor selling durian in downtown Bangkok: Jeff Chappell's Photo a Day.

What’s durian, you ask? I’ll let Teh Internets enlighten you. All I can say is, I can eat som tam just like the locals eat it. I can eat fried up bugs Isaan style, no problem. I’ve eaten weird food from here to Tokyo, things that would delight Andrew Zimmern (who has just about one of the best jobs in the world). But you can keep your stinky ole durian. In a word: yuck.