I Wouldn’t Be Just Any Comic-strip Lesbian …

A friend of mine—one whom I’ve long since lost track of, unfortunately—once concluded that I must be a [tag]lesbian[/tag] trapped in a man’s body; that this seemingly explained otherwise anomalous aspects of my behavior. Me, being a guy and all, that is. Normally I would have laughed this off, but the friend that issued this conclusion was a screaming out-loud-and-proud [tag]dyke[/tag] (and presumably still is; I can’t imagine her any other way). So her opinion presumably wielded some authority on this matter.

Plus, I had to admit, once I thought about it, that it would explain a lot, if it’s true.

So I found the conclusion of this test somewhat interesting:

Which Dyke to Watch Out For Are You?
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You scored as Sparrow. You are Sparrow! You’ve been distracted from your usual spiritual pursuits by work and family. Get your hubby to babysit one night a week while you study Buddhist meditation at the local sangha.


Sparrow rocks–she’s a Buddhist, afterall–so I can live with that. Except for the being a parent part—I got no truck with no chillun, nor will I ever, I suspect/hope. And Stewart—no. Not for this Sparrow. Not that I don’t like Stewart, although sometimes I wish he would grow some balls of his own and quit relying on Sparrow’s metaphorical ones. But if I were Sparrow … being around all those cute women running around in her life … ole Stew would be SOL. He’d have to take his kilt and hit the road. Presumably to Berkley where he belongs. And that’s not a knock on that wonderful gem in the East Bay; I rather like Berkley too—it’s more of a friendly jibe, let’s say.

Of course, if you’ve never read [tag]Dykes to Watch Out For[/tag], you have no idea wtf I’m talking about. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

And for the record, If I had to pick the cartoon lesbian I would be, rather than leaving it up to a test, I’d be [tag]Chelle[/tag] from [tag]Jane’s World[/tag], my other favorite lesbian-themed comic. Elle, hands down. Elle rocks3. Ah, a boy can dream, can’t he? A boy can dream …

I wish I had kept up with the aforementioned friend, so we could discuss lesbian comics. While we’re on the subject, I have to point out this great quote from Jane’s World author [tag]Paige Braddock[/tag]’s bio on her Web site. I should put this in context; Braddock is a apparently a fellow refugee from the newpaper biz. To wit:

As a colleague of mine once said, journalism is a field that prepares you for many things, the most common of which is debtor’s prison. If you are predisposed to caffeine addiction, natural disasters, bomb threats, fashion incompetence and sleeping late, then journalism is the field for you.

W00T! ZOMG,WTF that is so ROFLMAO! Sorry, I had a Warcraft relapse this week. But truer words were never spoken; I about pissed myself laughing when I read this. I think as I revamp this site I might have to add that to the journalism quotes I have sprinkled throughout.