Sala Keoku: an Asura

A Buddhist Demigod at Sala Keoku

It’s strange to me, given my Western layman’s understanding of Buddhism, that Buddhism has various gods and demigods — a veritable cosmology, much of which it shares with Hinduism, naturally. Even here, where Theravada Buddhism is practiced, one sees evidence of this in temples and people’s beliefs.

But then as noted here before — and I’m certainly not the first — Buddhism is mixed with older beliefs and traditions (as are most, if not all religious traditions).

Anyway, this is an Asura pictured below at Sala Keoku, a three-headed demigod. I’m still struggling with this cold, and the meds and lack of sleep are making me dopey, so I’ll refer you to Wikipedia’s entry on Asura specifically and Buddhist cosmology generally. Enjoy.

An Asura, a Buddhist demigod, as depicted at Sala Keoku, in Nong Khai, Thailand