Rank Hath Its Privileges

But a Soi Dog Is Low Pooch on the Totem Pole

And neither my headline nor my subead is SEO friendly. But sometimes one just can’t be arsed.

This lovely lass can be found at the end of Beach Road in Pattaya, where Walking Street begins. Although she has a collar on, I’m pretty sure she qualifies as a soi dog. Sometimes motorbike taxi guys will pseudo-adopt a soi dog, providing it with something to eat and a collar, but not much else.

I’m pretty sure she doesn’t have a regular roof over her head, poor dear.

At the time I took this I was just walking by, and whipped out my phone and took a shot; it was only afterward that I spied the irony in the background.

Yet another soi dog, spied along Beach  Road, Pattaya, Thailand