Photo A Day: Tree Altar

All the World’s an Altar

In Thailand where the ancient religion of Buddhism is mixed with even older beliefs and traditions, it is not uncommon to find altars in seemingly unlikely places — unlikely to a foreigner, that is. Most Thai-owned houses and businesses will have one, but one will also find impromptu altars on the sidewalk outside of a business or home, or even nestled at the trunk of a tree, like the one below. Sometimes they are quite elaborate; others may be quite simple.

This one is actually found at the base of a tree in a little garden surrounded by a shopping mall.

An altar nestled at the base of a tree outside a Thai shopping mall.

P.S. Yes, I missed yesterday, again. What can I say? Visiting with my Irish lads took precedence; as they are on their way tomorrow (much to the relief of my liver).