Photo a Day: Another Soi Dog

A Soi Dog Story With a Happy Ending

While out with some Irish friends I spied this sweety who has obviously had a tough life on the out on the sois. This soi dog is missing an eye, missing her tail and has obviously whelped more than her share of pups, one would think. Today, however, she has been adopted by a big-hearted bar owner who, as you can see, keeps her well fed.

A one-eyed soi dog with a happy ending. Dawwww ...

She accompanies him and his co-owner girlfriend to the bar when he comes into work, and chases out the wandering peddlers one tends to find in any open beer bar in Thailand — be it one frequented by expats or Thais, or both. How she knows the difference between patrons and peddlers, no one knows; I think it probably has to do with the fact that the peddlers are often carrying a lot of stuff in their arms, and this upsets her for some reason.

And yes, that is my bruised big toe down in the right hand corner underneath the logo.

Here’s another one that resides outside one of the 7-11’s in my neighborhood. It’s a little blurry, so I rejected at first, but it’s good enough for a supplemental soi dog Photo a Day.

Let Sleeping Soi Dogs Lie (outside of 7-11)

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