Photo a Day: Hella Rad Graffiti

There’s Graffiti, and Then There’s Art

An example of some of the amazing graffiti art to be found around Bangkok, Thailand

This definitely falls into the latter category; it’s not just graffiti. I spied this today while on my way to Pantip Plaza in Bangkok to get my nerd on. Actually I had some time to kill as traffic was so bad at lunch time, it took my bus an hour to traverse a route that usually only takes 20 minutes in the afternoons or late mornings.

Missed my first class and had to stick around to make it up with an evening class. D’oh!

Such is life in the Big Mango. Anyway, when I first moved to Thailand in 2010 it didn’t seem like Bangkok had much in the way of artistic graffiti. Or maybe I just didn’t get around the city that much, since I didn’t actually live here at the time. But I’ve seen some other incredible examples of graffiti that I want to photograph.

Can you spot the Thai lady talking on the phone in this photograph? Or the other farang guy photographing the wall? Oh, here’s a few detail crops for you (click to see full size):

a detail from some amazing graffiti art in Bangkok, Thailand

a detail from some amazing graffiti art in Bangkok, Thailand

┬áP.S. I felt justified in backdating since my whole day’s schedule got screwed to hell. So there.

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