Photo a Day: Head on a Stick Edition

Insert Head on a Stick/Game of Thrones Joke Here

Went out and about yesterday to get some photos for the ye olde Jeff Chappell Photo a Day project, then came back to my room and plum forgot all about posting one here. About and about once again entails Sodom-on-Sea; once again I have a mate visiting from abroad — this time, Scotland — and once again I find myself in Pattaya for the weekend.

Oh well. There are worse places to spend time. But I digress.

I was walking along Beach Road yesterday afternoon, with its collection of geeks, gits, ne’er do wells and tourists from more than a dozen countries, not to mention the local Thai people, and vendors selling everything from jet-ski rentals to themselves — along with the usual beach vending: lounge chairs under umbrellas, drinks, food and beer. I was walking along when I spied this head on a stick.

No telling what you might find along Pattaya, Thailand's Beach Road

Fortunately for all involved, it’s not an actual human head, but a not quite reasonable facsimile thereof. Had it been an actual head, I’m sure it would have put a damper on my day. Rather creepily enough, however, it is realistic enough that it triggered the facial recognition in the camera software I use in my Nokia N8.

Why is there a manikin head on a stick? Well, as you can see it has its hair braided in beads. One of the many services on offer on Pattaya Beach is this: while you sip cool coconut juice on a lounge chair under an umbrella while you gaze out to sea, you can get your hair braided; the head serves as both advertisement and example.

Just for kicks, here’s a detail of the manikin’s face. I may have to play around with this image. …

Serving as a manikin is a tough life ...

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