Photo a Day: Escargot On My Stoop

The French Aren’t the Only Ones …

… that eat snails, little dude/dudette (do snails even have gender in the traditional binary sense?). Thais eat snails too. So you had better haul ass as best you can. I spied this molluscular (not so) little fellow (I’ll make the assumption for style, sexist though it might be) on the steps leading up onto the deck in front of my apartment building here in Bang Plat, Bangkok Thailand.

A snail on my stoop, in Bangkok Thailand

It was spitting rain and had been for some time when I got home tonight, and just like back home, the wet weather brings out the gastropods. I almost stepped on the (not so) little guy.

And here’s my size 10.5 (American — about a 43 the way the Brits/Euros reckon it) foot by way of comparison (yep, still rocking the Vibram Fivefingers; wish they still made these in leather; I was lucky to find these in my size while I was home last November).

My foot and a snail on my stoop, Bangkok Thailand

I was going to dip into the travel archives for today’s Photo a Day, but then I spied this guy on my way into my apartment. I’m really pleased with these images, considering they were taken with my phone. The Nokia N8 is capable of spectacular detail (for a phone’s image sensor), as you can see.

Seriously, click on those and look at them full-size and revel in the detail. Then imagine how the originals look on my monitor. Huzzah.