Photo a Day: 2 for 1 Sunset

Sunset Photos Are a Dime a Dozen

And yet, I find it difficult to resist a pretty sunset. Tonight I was walking down the soi I reside on when in Pattaya — I have an Irish friend coming to visit, and he wanted me to meet him in Sewage-on-Sea (damn, another fun, boozy weekend in Thailand; I hate that) — when I spied palm trees on Beach Road silhouetted against the gloaming: a mixture of warm reds and yellows and chilly blues.

Unfortunately the perfect framing required me to stand in the middle of a busy intersectioni intersection and that shot turned out blurry (there was only a moment in which to get it done; either I or my Nokia N8 choked in the clutch).  Hence the more standard sunset photo. Clichés be damned.

The sun sets on Sewage-on-Sea, aka Pattaya, Thailand.

While I was sitting there on the edge of the beach, where the pavement meets sand, I put my phone down behind me, facing the street corner, and snapped off a bracketed shot. After tinkering in Photoshop, below is a high contrast monochromatic high dynamic range (HDR) that resulted, along with some gradient-map tinting.

It’s appealing enough in an arty farty way, I suppose. Not a portfolio shot, but good enough for a supplemental Photo a Day shot. I rather like the ghostly passersby and vehicles.

Soi 13/1 and Beach Road in monochromatic HDR