An open letter to the Supreme Being(s)

Milky Way Galaxy, The Universe
May 8, 2008

RE: kicking the shit out of Myanmar/Burma when it’s down

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Dear Deity or Deities:

We here on the planet Earth, known alternatively to some (namely obscure science fiction authors) as Terra, as in terra firma, couldn’t help but notice with considerable alarm the rather extreme weather you visited upon the citizens of [tag]Myanmar[/tag] (aka [tag]Burma[/tag]) on May 3, 2008 (referred to in the archaic with the superlative “Year of our Lord,” as you may recall).

We denizens of this planet readily recognize that much of the severe [tag]weather[/tag] we’re experiencing as of late is likely caused by our own machinations; indeed there seems to be considerable evidence to support this claim, although the matter still seems to be open for debate in some quarters. And we further acknowledge that you are indeed boss(es) of said planet, and probably feel compelled to remind us of this status quo on occasion, lest we forget and commit the sin of hubris, falling into the erroneous assumption that we are the de facto owners, as opposed to just recent, part-time–and perhaps, in light of present circumstances, temporary–renters. Indeed, there are even those of us that believe the former problems are directly begat by the latter circumstances described above.

Nevertheless, we must question the extreme nature of the [tag]cyclone[/tag] visited upon Burma/Myanmar, and its seeming extent necessity on your part; further, we would pose the question, why this particular country in Asia? Aside from the fact that it is the largest in terms of geographical land mass, with considerable coastline, and therefore perhaps having increased odds of being your target, that is?

Being all seeing and all knowing, you are no-doubt well aware by now of the death-toll, the number of homeless and amount of physical destruction wrought by the cyclone, which we here on Earth, at least in the West, have dubbed “[tag]Nargis[/tag],” an unlikely moniker for such a large source of death and destruction (we have taken it upon ourselves to provide visual confirmation of said destruction (pls. see attachment A) in the event that there are any minor deities present that are not omniscient). You are also no doubt aware that the citizens of Myanmar née Burma have not had it easy these past couple of hundred years or so. First off, there was the British hegemony of much of Southeast Asia in the previous century, including Burma. This century hasn’t been much better for this country’s citizens, what with the Japanese and World War II, followed by successive military coups d’etat, with ensuing ethnic cleansing, human rights violations, various crackdowns on the general populace following protests, etc., etc.

We would further note that all this has been visited upon a country of Buddhists, and not the New-Agey, feel-good kind, but rather the old-school [tag]Theravada[/tag] kind of [tag]Buddhism[/tag].

We here on Earth therefore respectfully and humbly submit to you that perhaps the people of Myanmar/Burma have had enough to deal with as of late, and probably didn’t need Cyclone Nargis. Far be it from us lowly mortals of flesh and blood to question the ways and means of the Powers-That-Be; however, we must express doubts that the Burmese have wracked up so much bad karma lately that it was necessary to visit Nargis upon them.

Therefore, we further humbly request that you give Burma a break, and leave it alone, at least in terms of natural disasters, for perhaps the next century or two. Perhaps you could even dispatch a Heavenly Host to help out with the cleanup and relief efforts. We understand they are pretty handy when it comes to feeding many people with one loaf of bread, and turning water into wine, etc., although we imagine the reverse would be useful in Burma right about now. We further understand that on occasion a Vengeful God(s) is wont to send forth Archangels with Flaming Swords to smite down evil doers, worshippers of false idols, etc.; we imagine that would be an effective means of getting the attention of Myanmar’s current military and political leaders, among others. This is just a helpful suggestion, of course.

We thank you you for your time. And if you would, please give our regards to Douglas Adams, and tell him that he is sorely missed back here on Earth–by the dolphins, especially.

Respectfully yours,
A Citizen of Earth, on behalf of his home planet.

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cc: Heavenly Host, assorted Archangels, seraphim, cherubim, etc.
cc: The Devil/Satan/The Father of Lies

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Burma's a hurtin'