OMFG! LOL wtf? 1334 ftl — Kiernan PWNage!

I did a bunch of [tag]Second Life[/tag], which I’m actually trying hard to cut back on, if only because I’m growing bloody fucking puking sick of [tag]Leetspeak[/tag], “[tag]txttlking[/tag]” morons with “names” like Ididyomama229 Potroast, Sexyslut Fishgold, and Restroom Janitor.

That quote comes from one of my favorite authors, [tag]Caitlín R. Kiernan[/tag], who also happens to be a prolific blogger. I was taking a break from work just now and was catching up on some blog reading. I nearly peed my pants laughing when I read that. Vindication with a side of amusement for lunch is always good.

Caitlín, I feel your [tag]MMORPG[/tag] pain. It’s one of the reasons I’m staying away from that crack pipe.