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Sala Keoku Sculptures to Scale

Dipping into the archives once again for the Photo a Day with one more from Nong Khai, Thailand’s Sala Keoku. Many pictures of Sala Keoku don’t really convey just how big these concrete sculptures are. Well here’s a photo of two of said sculptures taken from a balcony/terrace inside the museum/mausoleum on the park grounds; below that is an alternate crop with a man walking by the base of the statue. No, he’s not a wee Thai fairy; he’s a full-grown dude and the statues are that big.

More sculpture from Sala Keoku, in Nong Khai, Thailand

More sculpture from Sala Keoku, in Nong Khai, Thailand

I’m not a big tourist/see the sights kind of person, but Sala Keoku is a must see, if you ever find yourself in Nong Khai. And while Nong Khai may not be the bustling hub of nighlife that people expect to find in Thailand, it’s a lovely little town on the border of the Mekong, and I really enjoyed the month I spent there.

Of course, if you visit Nong Khai, you should also visit Isara.