So I Missed a (Photo a) Day

But I Have a Good Excuse Jeff Chappell's very own photography portfolio site. Huzzah.

I missed posting a photo yesterday because this. I was hard at work all afternoon refining this new subdomain of Jeff Chappell dotcom where I’m housing my photography portfolio (and eventually some related galleries). There’s still some nuts and bolts to tighten and whatnot, but all in all, it’s coming along nicely.

So that’s my excuse, anyway. By the time I thought of posting a photo for my Photo a Day project, it was too late and I couldn’t look at the computer anymore.

I could have cheated and post-dated an entry; it’s not like anyone would haven noticed, since the only time someone comes here, according to The Google, is because they searched for the terms “bat shit or “dumb ass,” or came looking for an under construction gif. But then until recently, I think I averaged updating this here blog about once every few months; one reaps what one sows.