While getting my bezillion gig photo archives somewhat organized and backed up last weekend, I came across these photos of my friend Vern’s [tag]cats[/tag]. I’ve never made [tag]lolcats[/tag] images before, but figured the time was ripe. The fat cat was named Grey – named after the anime toon – and she was a feline extraordinaire. I miss the old girl.

The one sitting on the throne, Misha, is still going strong at 17. She’s a lovable goof. Likes to be spun around on the kitchen floor.

Grey the Hutt

No Can Haz Cheezburger

No Can Go Potty

Bear in mind I was just screwing around when I took these … although I would have liked to have gotten a real shot of Misha sitting on the john. Unfortunately, this one is slightly out of focus, as I had no flash on the camera (figured I had to act fast), and as you can see, she was missing most of the fur on the side of her head. Plus, it looks like the tp rod is growing out of the side of her head. And, of course, she got up the second after I snapped this shot.

Never work with children or animals.