O. J. Simpson: If It Generates Bills, You Must Not Think Ill

O. J. Simpson's If I Did It details the "hypothetical" murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.If it makes us some bucks, who cares if you think it sucks?

That’s what Fox television network and book publisher HarperCollins have to be thinking, or something along those lines. This really makes one want to reconsider the double jeopardy standard in this country.

O.J. Simpson is coming out with a book titled If I Did It, which would detail how he would have killed his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ron Goldman, hypothetically speaking of course. The FOX television interview is slated for the end of this month; the book is apparently going on sale in mid December.

I’m sure this will generate a lot of media criticism, and rightfully so. But I would also point out – as the media’s toughest critic and its staunchest defender – the media only gives people what it wants. It’s a business, and it sells advertising based on whatever the most people are going to watch, listen to and/or read; it appeals to the lowest common denominator of society. Like it or not, people will eat this up; I’m guessing that television interview will set a ratings record and that the book will be on best-seller lists for weeks.

If its disgusting, we as a culture have no one to blame but ourselves; the media is nothing but a full-length mirror. Mirrors can distort the truth, but they don’t lie. Except for that one in Snow White.

Update: My favorite television critic Tim Goodman had this to say about O.J. and Fox:

Now, this isn’t about ethics which, in relation to both Simpson and television is a pointless exercise. But how many people were shocked — shocked! — to learn that O.J. was going to hype this book and this “theory” on the Fox network. In primetime.


What happens when two events in close succession should be — in a normal world — unbelievably stunning and yet turn out to be absolutely predictable? First, you silently shudder, then feel shame for the culture at hand and then throw up a little bit in your mouth.
Oh, and then you watch.

Couldn’t have said it better myself, so I didn’t.

Update 2: You can now by O.J. Simpson’s If I Did It on Amazon. Of course.