I’m No. 1. It Says So Right There

At Least in Cafe Bicycle …

… for a few minutes, until I get my sandwich, cappuccino and soda water. Ah well. I’ll always have this one brief but sweet moment when I was no. 1. No one else. Just me.

Bangkok's Cafe Bicycle declared me, Jeff Chappell, no. 1 today.

Of course maybe they just decided I was no. 1 because I dropped a whopping 270 baht on lunch. Actually in the central business district of downtown Bangkok, that’s not that bad, especially considering I got a large sandwich, a kick-ass cappuccino (made with local Thai beans) and a soda water.

I actually like this place a lot; it’s right next to my language school in Phloen Chit so I eat there a couple times a week usually.