The Good Old (Drunken) Days

So here a few from college, or right after. This isn’t all of them, though, because it occurred to me that I haven’t seen or talked to these people in 20-something years. …

I wish I had a time machine. I’d go back and tell my younger self to lose the porno ‘stache:

Jeff's ID

¬°Ay caramba.

This is lame
This is lame. Probably because I’m not drunk yet.
Jeff has a beer and a flower
Here we go …
Jeff has a beer
And here.
Jeff, Tim, and Susan
So drunk.

I included this one because it was taken in a public place. But if Tim and/or Susan is … er, watching, give me a holler, huh? I’d love to talk to you again. …

Jeff lends a cheer

This was also in a public place, specifically the Shively (?) dining hall. This was taken the summer after my senior year in high school; we wanted to give the cheerleaders, who were attending some sort of cheerleading conference, something to cheer about.

Besides my porn ‘stache, that is. And note that this t-shirt is the same one pictured a couple years later, above.

Jeff is drunk again ...
A few minutes before passing out …

Jeff lends a cheer

Here I am right after college, in Alpena, MI. You can’t really see it here, but the snow is piled up some 15 feet or so. I had to climb down to the second floor roof.

Jeff and the Mobile Bay
Literally in the Great Lakes …

Yep, I’m standing smack in the middle of Lake Michigan. This is in the Straits of Mackinaw, MI, about 7 miles west of the Mackinaw Bridge (it’s a tiny little thin line on the horizon), and about 1.5 miles south of the western tip of St. Helena Island (you can see a bit of it behind the tug in the distance). The tug is the USCGC Mobile Bay, a 140-foot icebreaking tug (thumbs-up, guys!).

Also, it’s March 20th, 1991. Of course, there is snow on the ground until May; it is half way to the North Pole.

Jeff gets his ere pierced
The first of several piercings …

Once again, sorry for the quality; these are all scans of pictures taken years ago (often by people as drunk as I was).


I’m throwing in this picture of Michael Riley, just ‘cuz. We miss you, man.

Michael Riley