Documenting a Drinking Problem

My Photo a Day Highlights My Drinking Problem …

Documenting my drinking problem: my problem is that I don't have enough room for all the empty soda bottles.

My drinking problem can be defined one of two ways: I either a) drink too much soda or b) don’t have enough room on my desk for the empties; or c) I don’t remove the empties on a frequent basis.

There are no less than 26 empty bottles of soda in this picture — well, technically one is half empty or half full, depending on your point of view. Back home I was addicted to San Pellegrino, a brand of Italian sparkling mineral water. Or water with gas, as the Euros say.

It’s difficult to find here, and if you do find it, it’s expensive as hell. But the local Singha brewing company makes these 325ml bottles cheap, and they are available at every convenience store and grocery store in Thailand. As you can see, I’m addicted. I average, I would guess, about 4-6 bottles a day. Occasionally some Thai rum, namely Sang Som, will be mixed with the soda, but generally I just drink the soda straight out of the bottle.

It’s not that plain old water isn’t satisfactory, I just like the bubbles and the minerally bite of this soda water. Chang soda water, a rival brand, is bleah.

Yes, of course I recycle the empties.

So evidently, the problem is, I’m lazy. Doing the math, and there is, conservatively, more than five days worth of soda bottles there.