Pro Cycling: Lance Who? Andiamo Basso!

Wow, big news for cycling geeks everywhere — Basso joins Team Discovery. At least it is for those who follow professional drug use — er, road cycling. Ouch.

Anyway, aside from the unfortunate drug aspect of this ongoing saga, this is cool both for Discovery and Ivan Basso. I think he and Disco will be good for one another, and I hope he does well there, and hopefully gets to do do it drug free. But after Tyler Hamilton and Floyd Landis, regardless of guilt or innocence, I think I’m done with professional cycling, beyond a casual interest. Where there is smoke, there is most likely fire …

Personally, I’d like to go back to the days when the only performance enhancing drugs on the Tour de France were Gauloises, cognac and espresso. But then I think every professional sport has devolved into entertainment, as opposed to a sport. The average spectator — and the sponsor who puts up the bucks — doesn’t want to see paramount athletic performance; they want to see violence and/or freak show.

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