Cross Posting Love: Barking Book Reviews

The Gecko's Bark presents: Barking Book Reviews -- pretty slick, huh? So I’ve pledged myself posting something here every day — well, at least five days as week. But between my new book review site, Barking Book Reviews, and my so-called professional site where I pontificate about WordPress (among other things), Jeff Chappell dot com, both of which I just got up and running recently, I’ve neglected the Gecko’s Bark.

It’s been an interesting few weeks for politics and cycling, to be sure; I’ve got some catching up to do. Tomorrow.

In the meantime, it’s time for some cross posting love — some blogasmic cross pollination. Here’s a sample from the latest on Barking Book Reviews, a review on Lauren Beukes’ Zoo City:

At it’s core, if we strip it of most of its fantastical elements, Zoo City is a arguably just a crime drama – a so-called hardboiled thriller. Or so some blurb writers might have us believe – as well as whoever wrote Lauren Beukes’ Wikipedia entry. But even without the element of mashavi manifested as animals that criminals must bear as they go about their daily lives – imagine Hester Prynne having a scarlet ibis flapping along behind her throughout Hawthorne’s Scarlet Letter – Beukes’ second novel is more than just a well-written thriller set in the seedier side of present-day Johannesburg.

Beukes, a self-described recovering journalist, has obviously put her Fourth Estate skills to work and put together an entertaining and rich yet subtle commentary on prejudice, culture and society interwoven with a work of gritty or realistic urban fantasy. Indeed, Zoo City owes more to Gibson and Gaiman than Tolkien and Lewis, to be sure. It’s also a credit to Beukes as an author that a work that could have  easily been formulaic and derivative is actually original and eminently readable.

Argh, I just spied a needed copy-edit in that quote and needed to go fix it. Show me a writer who edits his own copy, and I’ll show you a someone who has a damned fool for an editor.

Anyway, good stuff, no? To read the entire Zoo City review, follow the link above or head on over to Barking Book Reviews. Barking … Gecko’s Bark … get it?