The ballad of Crista and Fitch

I was so tempted to call this post “Damn I’m Good,” but while I’ll admit to a certain level of vanity, I’m not that vain. I must further admit, however, that I’m pretty pleased with how my most endeavors in the photographic arts have turned out.

Crista and Fitch #1

I <3 [tag]photography[/tag]. I shot these as part of an assignment for the studio/lighting class I'm taking; [tag]strobe[/tag] class, if you will. The assignment was to try simulate window light with nothing but a [tag]flash[/tag] on the [tag]camera[/tag]--no studio strobes, umbrellas, diffusers, etc. Crista and Fitch #5

Crista at the Window

Mona Lisa in Shadow

Don’t like my photos? Well then:


No, my tongue and eyes aren’t normally these particular colors depicted here. I <3 [tag]Photoshop[/tag], too.