Confessions of a Compulsive Bibliolater

A blurry pile of books: too much bibliolation and you'll go blind. Check it out. I don’t just sit around in front of the computer whining into the cold and uncaring electronic ether about my torn quadriceps tendon. I also sit in front of the computer and prattle on about books.

Other people amuse themselves with Angry Birds and Facebook; I amuse myself by writing book reviews and other whatnot about books. To each their own. Everyone needs a hobby, and this one keeps me off the streets, and is somewhat slightly more legitimate and socially redeeming than spending that time playing video games (another thing with which I’ve been known to fritter away my precious life’s days).

And gods know I’ve had plenty of time for reading, as of late. So if you have any interest in old-school science fiction, namely Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series, or just want to see what floats my literary boat in general – science fiction being just one wave upon those waters – just one aspect of many within my bibliolatrous enthusiasm – check out Barking Book Reviews.

Which may soon be renamed Confessions of a Compulsive Bibliolater.

Because I’m a bibliolatin’ sumbitch. I can’t stop with the compulsive bibliolation. Day in, day out. Even now, at age 43, sometimes I do it two or three times a day. But I’m not a biblioklept; I duly pay for my habit.

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