Coconuts in the Sun: a Photo a Day

Let Me Go on, Like a Coconut in the Sun

coconuts in the sun: Jeff Chappell's Photo a Day

I spied these coconuts on a neighbor’s porch the other day, and thought to myself, there’s a photograph. I’m not sure if they are drying or just inadvertently left lying around, or what; she wasn’t around to ask and I doubt if my Thai or her English is up to the task, in any event.

I was leaving my pad today, in the early afternoon hazy sunlight and busted out the Nokia N8 to snap this photograph. You see a lot of this sort of thing in my neighborhood in Bang Plat, a community within Bangkok right on the river — it’s a slice of rural Thai community smack in the heart of the urban megalopolis. No doubt it will be featured much in the future in a Photo a Day.

As for this image, other than a little cropping and minor tweaking in Photoshop, as always, here are the coconuts. And that’s our Photo a Day photo today.

Oh, apologies to the Violent Femmes.

Give it enough light, and the N8’s image sensor whups that ass. Here’s a detail from the original photograph, with no size compression. As always, click the images to embiggen.

coconuts in the sun: Jeff Chappell's Photo a Day

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