Caught in the Act

While posting the previous post to this blog just now, I realized the people at the next table were talking about all the people hanging out here and speculating as to what we are all up to. One of them suggested that “at least one of them is probably [tag]blogging.[/tag]” …

And in other coffee shop news, I’ve determined why people frequently stare at me in the coffee shop, particularly when they first arrive and sit down. It’s not beauty/fugliness/lack of pants/horns sprouting out of my head. Rather, it suddenly occurred to me that its the bumper sticker prominently displayed on the front of my laptop. It states:

Stop Bitching
Start a Revolution

I got it courtesy of a lovely young and rather crunchy lass from Zendik Farm. I bought the matching t-shirt and told her to keep the change and put it toward the farm; she threw in the bumper sticker gratis, bless her patchouli-soaked heart.

Anyway, I noticed this evening, as I was sitting in my favorite corner in the rear of my coffee shop of choice that as peopled walked by, they didn’t stare at me but rather stared down at my laptop for a moment, sometimes sparing me a glance, but usually not. Now it’s just a nondescript Toshiba Satellite (although it does have a finger-print reader, which is very geekchic, and teeny-tiny Harman Kardon speakers that RAWK, albeit quietly), and I finally realized that the furtive glances were at the rather prominent black and white pronouncement. So it seems fair to postulate that those at other tables I find staring at me are actually contemplating the bumper sticker, as I sit here with my back to the wall (bring it, Greedo).

And here I thought all this time that it was my rugged good looks. Damn.