Hot Blog on Blog Action! Triathlon Insanity! Operators are Standing By …

Life has been pretty quiet the past few days; work is rather slow – unlike the chaotic hubbub leading up to Thanksgiving and my friend’s wedding trip.

On the other hand, I’ve gone insane.

After being in the best shape of my life in 2004, and spending all summer in 2005 training to be a raft guide, and then deciding my heart wasn’t in it enough to continue to do it, I basically spent most of this year sitting on my ass, playing World of Warcrack. And my middle-aged body responded in kind; my gut expanded as my muscles and V02 max decreased. I’ve made several half-hearted and half-assed attempts to start training again, but I guess with no goals in mind, and no friends on this side of the continent obsessed with either cycling or rock climbing, I haven’t got anywhere. I’ve always known since college that I’m goal oriented, when it comes to motivation; I need a concrete, well-defined goal to reach, in order to get off my ass and moving. I perform best when I have a drop-deadline hanging over my head.

Thinking back to how signing up for a seven-day, 586-mile charity bike ride in 2004 lit a fire under my glutes, I decided I need a similar goal now. So I signed up for an Olympic distance [tag]triathlon[/tag] at the end of April, 2007 via Team in Training. I can’t swim worth a damn, and I’ve gained so much weight my knees hurt like hell when I run – I know because I spent much of October trying to. I’d prefer a sprint -distance triathlon to start – preferably one next summer. But [tag]Team in Training[/tag]’s local trainers say they can get me in shape within by the end of April to get my fat ass across the finish line. I told them my goal was simply to do that – finish. I don’t mind being a back-of-the-packer, but a DNF won’t cut it.

So I’m going for it. I’ll keep this blog posted as my preparations progress, as the ghost of flutters around Look for fund-raising pleas soon; it’s a great cause; Team in Training benefits the [tag]The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society[/tag].

Anyway, you were looking for some hot [tag]blog[/tag] on blog action, were you not? Of course, here we go. There is the usual assortment of cool stuff over at [tag]BoingBoing[/tag], but this in particular caught my eye. (WARNING: A SELF-PIMPING INCIDENT IS IMMINENT! WARNING!) As if sushi and rubber duck USB drives weren’t good enough, now Japan brings us little flash-memory enhanced mechanical canines to hump our laptops. I love the Japanese … and I’m not being facetious.

So once you have acquired the humping-dog, USB drive, what do you do with your bland, non-amusing thumb drive? Donate it to a worthy cause, of course.

Then there is the calendar that is a geek must-have. I’ll skip the humping-dog USB drive, but I think I have to have one of these calendars.