Alas, Hoyden, We Hardly Knew Ye …

I could have alternately titled this entry “Where’s Hoyden” a la “Where’s Waldo?” I haven’t been playing World of Warcrack at all in the past month and a half (Hoyden is the name of the hot, undead warlock character I have been playing as of late). I have a new addiction. It’s gotten so bad that I have officially blown off the last few weeks of my Japanese class in order to feed it. It’s gotten so bad that after more or less settling on the half-baked plan for my immediate future — half-baked is about as far as I ever get in terms of planning a head; I’m much more of a “damn the torpedoes/rarely bother to look before I leap/follow your whim/heart/passion/hot pair of legs walking by” kind of person – I’ve half-formed an entirely new half-baked idea for my future (grad school without the necessity of preparing for/taking the GRE – can I get a “hell yeah?”). My addiction has gotten so bad that with the exception of having to celebrate a romantic snafu with copious amounts of mind-numbing drink this weekend, it has pretty much taken over my free time. And sometimes my shouldn’t-be-free time.

My new drug of choice? [tag]Photoshop CS2[/tag]. Having the full version of [tag]Photoshop[/tag], on top of having purchased a digital SLR (you can read about that here), has made me inordinately happy. Like “crackhead-purchased-a-never-ending-supply-of-premium-grade-crack” happy. I’ve rediscovered my love of [tag]photography[/tag], only now what used to be a laborious matter of hours in a darkroom takes only a few moments. And there is a whole new artistic realm of digital imaging that I’m just discovering. It’s like I had this really intense, serious girlfriend in highschool that I was madly in love with, and we went off to college together, but drifted apart as I discovered other loves. And now we’ve reunited 20 years later, and she’s still the same beautiful girl I loved so passionately, but there’s much more too her, and she’s left old baggage behind (like her smelly chemicals). She can still be an expensive date (I just dropped a grand on a telephoto and wide-angle lenses last week), but I love her more than ever. I actually look forward to Mondays, because that’s when my evening digital imaging and photography classes meet.

Only if my real romantic life could be so wonderful and easy. But that’s another story for another post – or not. Anyway, here’s a few samples. You can see more by going here or here.

Stop! - Redux

Ceiling Composition

Oh No! There Goes Tok ... er ... Over-the-Rhine!